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It’s been a tough 2 years!

This past 2 yrs of global plague has been difficult on so many levels. It’s strained families, friendships and marriages. The whole of humanity is completely fatigued/exhausted/depressed from its wide swath. I can understand how things/events are coming to a head all over the world. Not just here in Canada. It’s global, every nation is feeling it as well as every human being on this beautiful blue ball.

To start with this virus brought us together in fear. Now it seems it’s ripping us apart in fear and frustration.

Mental Wellness/Illness reminds me of the Yin/Yang symbol. There is Inner wellness (our innermost mind) and outer wellness (the world at large). When balanced they work together in harmony, cannot separate, they hold a bit of each within each other and when one is out of balance it’s all out of balance.

When it comes to inner mental wellness it’s definitely under my control. I can either get help to understand and gather tools where my inner mental health can heal/mend. Or I can ignore it, leave it alone to get completely out of control in which, I can then harm others and myself. That is not an option. So obviously getting help is the wise choice and I hope I’m leading by example.

Unfortunately the outer balance (the world in which we live) We cannot control but what we can do is control how we react to situations in that outer world.

I’m dealing with situations/world, with compassion and love, because compassion and love can definitely uplift you from the deep fear we have all felt from the start of this pandemic. Yep, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Take a step back, take some time to breath and the make decisions based on a calm mind.

All I know for myself right now is that whatever energy is going on out there is palpable and not in a good way. Not sure if I have an answer but we need to all be kinder to each other. What unites us is our humanity and we could use some of that these days.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer as we are individuals, the information changes quickly and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. It will be interesting to see the data on a global scale. I’m hopeful we can all learn from this and move forward, together as a whole with compassion and understanding.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed you are not alone, please get help. Reach out….you are loved! M

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